World Wide Transport

Shipping chemicals can be difficult

Park Scientific Limited has nearly 30 years experience of exporting bespoke chemical tenders to every part of the world. Depending upon your requirements we can deliver your order by land, air or sea. Thanks to our vast experience we are in an excellent position to offer advice as to the best method of transportation for your shipment. We are very successful at delivering chemicals shipments that consist of different mixtures and ranges of transport hazards. Park Scientific Ltd will meet your delivery needs by offering the appropriate packing specification and supplying the documentation required for shipping.

Park Scientific Limited can prepare shipments FCA, Park Scientific Ltd, Northampton ready for export (with documentation) by the  customers own freight forwarder. We have abundant experience of communicating and collaborating with a number of different freight forwarders to facilitate the expedite delivery of customers’ shipments. For UK based companies we can arrange delivery of their shipment, CPT a designated UK Warehouse or transport hub. For non-UK customers we can deliver CPT airports and seafreight ports around the world, depending upon the requirements of the customer.

Park Scientific Ltd are the experts at delivering your complete chemicals requirements to your required destination.

UK transport

Park Scientific Ltd also has a vast experience of delivering chemicals in the UK. For small orders of non-hazardous or limited quantity products we will deliver using a next day courier. For orders that consist of larger quantities we use a recognised haulage firm. We can also offer a dedicated truck service for products that require an ADR licensed driver.